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Rejuvenating Your Blog & Social Media

20th June 2019


I’ve had this particular blog for 5 years now, and I had one or two blogs for a year or so before that too. In this time, I’ve had highs and lows, and I’ve found it’s normal for me to reach a point where everything feels a little stale. It’s not that the passion has gone, it’s just understandable when you’re creating content online regularly, to reach a breaking point.

Firstly, sometimes taking a break is the most obvious and natural solution; and it really works! When you stop putting pressure on yourself, and take your mind somewhere else, it can make the world of difference.

However if you’ve tried that, or you really don’t want to stop creating; here are some tips for rejuvenating your blog and social media when needed. Good luck!


Have a clear out

Don’t be afraid to be ruthless when it comes to what kind of content you’re consuming online. If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend a lot of time online. If I’m not browsing Instagram, or chatting on Twitter, or reading blogs, or checking out Pinterest.. I’m… asleep? Ha. No, but really, I know I do spend quite a bit of time online, and it’s important to monitor what you’re taking in all the time. So unfollow people who subconsciously make you feel bad (they could be lovely people, but if you compare yourself and feel bad, it’s not worth the follow!), unfollow anyone who doesn’t inspire you, or any accounts that just aren’t relevant to you anymore. By doing this, you’re cultivating a feed that you’ll LOVE, and which will make you feel good when browsing. You’ll find new passion and inspiration through this one simple act.


Restyle your imagery

Renewing your style through your imagery can be a big deal. It’s how people see you online, it forms first impressions, it brings together your whole style, and changing it up can inspire you. Plan a new style on Instagram by taking different sorts of photos, changing your editing style, and planning out your grid with planning apps (I use one called Preview). Alternatively, change all your logos, brand colours and header imagery throughout your blog and social media. A new, rejuvenated you needs new imagery.


Have a schedule that works for you

And by that I mean, have no schedule if you wish. Or have a totally structured, challenging one. Whatever. You do you. But really, make it work for YOU, not what you think it should be. At one point I felt like I HAD TO have a new blog out every few days, upload just one Instagram photo per day (usually evenings about 7pm), schedule tweets around the clock, and also be creating for my shop every single day. No mate, it didn’t last. I burned out. Sure there were huge benefits, but I ended up hating it so much. These days I blab on Insta stories as much (or as little) as I want, sometimes I upload photos 3 times a day (and don’t care about the time), I don’t schedule tweets at all anymore, and I create when I WANT TO. Whew, who knew eh. It really puts the joy back into what I do, and I can’t recommend it enough! Take the pressure away guys.

Challenge yourself

Doing the same thing over and over is bound to get boring, no matter what you do. Shake things up with a challenge (one that works for you, no pressure!). You could start your own hashtag challenge on Instagram, challenge yourself to blog about a particular subject each week, share something on Insta stories each day, or create a new project to share online. Look, there are a million things you could do, big or small. It doesn’t matte what you do, but I do think it makes a difference to simply challenge yourself one way or another. It can inspire you, fire you up, and remind you of why you started.


Start anew

Finally, start over if you think it’ll help! Set up a new Instagram account/blog/whatever. You can make this your new, one and only account, or you can embrace having a side project. Either way, a fresh start is wonderful for inspiration and rejuvenating things. I know so many people who have restarted their Instagram accounts, regardless of follower counts, and now enjoy it more than ever. You can start a new one on the sly, see how it feels, and then make the change if you wish.


And once again, remember that taking a break is always okay!

I hope this helps 🙂 Let me know if you have any of your own tips for rejuvenating your blog and social media.




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