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Trying To Be A Better Blogger

25th June 2019

I’ve been blogging over five years now, and I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come. Because of blogging, I’ve had some amazing opportunities, found the confidence to develop my own business, and made lifelong friends.

There are always highs and low when it comes to running a blog. And to be honest, for the majority of the last year; there has been a spark missing from my blog. I still love it just as much, but blogging has been much less of a priority since I got pregnant, and it’s fallen by the wayside.

There are obvious reasons for this of course. I have a baby now which is my number one priority of course, then secondly would be my business and running an online shop. Then if I have time after that? Sure, I’ll blog. But even if I really want to, I either don’t have time, or I don’t have energy to put the effort in like I used to.

Time to change

It’s bothered me for a long time now, and I’m determined to fix this!

I want to go back to the old days of really putting in an effort to get the perfect flatlay, of jotting down ideas for posts everyday, setting time aside to blog every few days, and getting out there to explore new places/restaurants/adventures to write about.

I may not have had time to indulge in my photography yet lately, but I feel like you can tell my blogging spark is coming back again, through my recent posts. This month I’ve published more often, and tried to branch out in the subjects I’m covering. Yay!

The other thing bothering me for a while now, is that I’ve felt I haven’t had much to write about. Staying at home looking after a baby reaaalllyy limits your inspiration on what to write about. In fact, some annoying little shit wrote online not too long ago that I’d ‘become a boring mummy blogger now’ – which pissed me right off. I can’t help that I haven’t had much else on my mind, or the time to explore hobbies etc. In fact, blogging as an outlet, even if it’s as ‘boring’ as writing about our routine; has been a lifesaver for me at some points. And yet someone out there decides to bitch about it? Dude, just stop reading if you don’t like it. And maybe have a little understanding?


The point is, I’m ever so slowly feeling a little more like myself, and it feels great. I’m trying to show that more on here, and I hope you guys will like this blog becoming the fun little hub it used to be.

Watch this space…




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