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Diary Entry 12

4th July 2019

It’s July, it’s Summer, it’s HOT. Like, hot hot. Not typical British Summer ‘hot’, but like real, burny, red skinned hot (wear suncream!!). I don’t know what to do with myself, I’m definitely not built for this weather. I’ll probably stay indoors as much as possible, have all the lolly ices (yes I know a lot of people say ice lollies.. but I’m Scouse! We dont!) and moan until Autumn.

Other than gasping over the shock of having a real Summer, I’ve been really quite busy lately.

Some highlights of the past month include:

  • Seeing Jeffrey Lewis at a small gig in Exeter with Gary. We got a good few uninterrupted hours baby-free, to enjoy live music, alcohol, and talking about things other than nappies and sleep routines.
  • Seeing Toy Story 4! Again, baby free time with Gary was lovely. But this movie DID make me cry 5 minutes in, really! So be warned.
  • Getting my pins made!! Oh my gosh, if you’re one of the lovely people who has supported my first set of pins being made since coming back to work – thank you! They’re being made as I type and will be shipped out by the end of the month. I’m so bloody excited!!
  • Having my mum come and stay with us for a week. It was so lovely to see her, as it’s been ages. It meant having lovely catch up time, AND a babysitter on hand for the week. What a treat!
  • Seeing friends and family in Liverpool. We took mum home, then spent a few days at hers so I could see everyone, and it was truly good for the soul. Hanging with my brothers, seeing pals, just chilling out and having everyone fawn over River was truly lovely.


[I’m going to mark this next section as an AD, because I’m talking about my shop.. which I obviously promote and make money from!]

As mentioned, I’m now back to work. Today is my first official day back actually. Maternity leave is no longer! I’m thrilled, because I bloody love my job and the work I get to do. But it’s also terrifying, knowing that the nappy money which was once guaranteed is no longer. It’s all up to me whether I make enough to keep us going now, and just typing that gives me chills. Like, to be 100% real with you guys – I NEED to make this work. We don’t have some backup fund to live on, we don’t have spare cash just hanging around; so my shop needs to be making an income. So ANY support from you guys is bloody wonderful, to be frank! So, visit my shop, tell your pals, and share my promo posts if you could.

So as well as working around the clock looking after a baby, I now have to run a small business full time. I’m a busy bee! I’m hoping to find time this evening to watch the new Stranger Things episodes though. So I better be off!

Au revoir! xx


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