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River At 8 Months

11th July 2019

I thought it was about time to do a little baby update, and it feels crazy to say he’s now 8 months old! (Well, he will be next week!). This is mostly a blog post for myself to look back on, but hopefully you guys will like it too!



It feels more exciting AND more exhausting than ever, as River is now so much more mobile! He’s crawling away (like an army commando shuffle!) and I’m now running around crazy each day trying to keep up with him. He LOVES his new found freedom to explore, and will always head for the naughtiest thing in the room – wires, plugs, glass objects, the lot – so that’s wonderful. Although he can sit up, he wobbles after a moment, and will just get down and prefer to lie on his front playing with toys, or crawling around. He doesn’t seem to have any interest in sitting still, but it’s obvious he CAN; if that makes sense?

Something he now LOVES to use and has totally mastered, is his walker! He adores it! He loves going fast whizzing around the room, and even tries to get outside into the garden if we leave the door open! Our ankles are well and truly being bashed.

His hand eye coordination is amazing now, and he feeds himself confidently, and is much better at using his fingers individually whether playing or eating.

Babbling is coming along more than ever too. He seems so keen to chat away, and explore the noises he can make!



We’re now on 2 meals a day, maybe 2 and a half? Our feeding routine usually goes something like this:

6am – Milk

8am – porridge

10:30am – Milk

12pm –  Lunch (for example yesterday he had chicken noodles with vegetables) – and some finger food. Maybe toast? Maybe fruit? Carrot sticks? Maybe those carrot puff crisp things?

2pm – Milk

5pm – This is the one we’re currently playing about with. Some days he has a yoghurt or snack, then milk. Some days just milk. It depends on him.

7pm – Final milk.


That 5pm feed will gradually become a proper mealtime soon, but we’re letting River guide us and just going at his pace. It’s so lovely to see him try new things! We’ve tried lots of fruit and vegetables, and we’re working our way through allergens. He loves peanut butter, and was great with eggs – so omelettes are now a lunch option he can enjoy with us!



Nap times are great! He is going longer in-between them now, and generally just has the two per day. Though it depends; if he’s out in the car or pram much; he sleeps a lot. So on days out, he can be all over the place and we just go with it. Typically though, he’s awake at 6am, and naps about 9:30am for half an hour to 45 minutes. Then he will have another nap at 2pm for an hour to hour and half.

Bedtime is 7pm every night like clockwork, and we’ve had the same routine since he was just a few weeks old. We have a good play about leading up to it, to really tire him out. He will have a good half hour in his walker, then half an hour crawling about/playing with his toys with us. Then we get his bath ready at 6:30pm, and give him a good scrub while also letting him splash about (the splashier the better apparently, so I end up soaked!). Afterwards he’s dried, popped into pj’s, and Gary takes him up to bed with his milk. They have a cuddle and River has his final milk, then he’s popped into his cot (which is still in our room just fyi).

Here’s where things have been tricky lately.

We’ve always stayed in the room with River until he falls asleep. We haven’t had to cuddle him or anything, but we’ve always been close by, and he’s gone asleep within 20 mins. However, we recently got a baby monitor, and felt confident about leaving him upstairs now that he can roll and crawl etc; no getting stuck on his front basically. So we decided to start trying to put him to bed, then going downstairs immediately, rather than waiting for him to sleep.

This did NOT go well. He has SOBBED each time. We tried to do controlled crying for 4 nights, and it just didn’t go well. I know they say to stick at it for like a week, but I honestly found it too hard. Fair enough if River was just having a little cry, but he was full on getting so worked up sobbing that he would start coughing and sucking in big gulps of air. I HATED IT.

And I just kind of got to the point where I thought… WHY am I doing this?! Fair enough if he was being so difficult at bedtime that we don’t get our evenings to ourselves or something. But that’s not our situation. If we stay with him, he falls asleep pretty quickly, and then he’s mostly asleep all night then. And we have a baby monitor now so we can go downstairs and get on with things still. But when we were doing controlled crying, he was terribly upset, I was crying too, and it took at least an hour and half before he would eventually pass out asleep in exhaustion. None of it was nice, and it robbed us of the little time we have each evening. Bear in mind I’m working again now, and the evenings are the only real time I get to do anything, so it’s super important I use that time well.


We’ve stopped, and we’re making sure to go back to our old night time routine. We all enjoy it, River goes asleep much quicker, and there are no tears anywhere. We will definitely come back to controlled crying, or a new routine in the future; but for now we’re happy as we are!


So that’s kind of where we are at the moment!

Sorry for this long ramble, I know only other parents might be mildly interested in this, and even then I applaud you for reading!

Have a good one!





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