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Life Lately

3rd November 2019

Hellooo! Gosh, it’s been a minute since I blogged eh?

Truth is, life is BUSY AF, and I haven’t had a moment spare to even THINK; let alone write. But it’s about time I stopped by to show I’m still alive.

So, what’s life like around here at the moment?



I’m enjoying work more than ever at the moment, even if it is incredibly hard to keep going with a small biz! I’m trying to grow things all the time, and to make new products and expand. I have the most hectic schedule ever, but I get things done while River is at daycare, of an evening when he’s in bed, or the spare hour here and there before Gary goes to work. I’m excited for 2020 plans, and hoping to start getting into wholesale! Now if I could only find a minute to sit and rest…



Speaking of River, he’s doing brilliantly! He’s basically walking now, but he refuses to let go of our hands, which I think is just for moral support. He’s started trying to say mama and dadda, but ‘blah blah’ tends to come out most! It’s adorable to see him shout it at us though, haha!

He goes to daycare two mornings a week, and it’s absolutely WONDERFUL. I’m so so glad we started him early, as he’s really enjoying it, and getting along with everyone there! He enjoys playing and being part of a big group, and never seems to want to leave when I pick him up! It’s a huge relief.

And finally, just this past week – we’ve finally gotten some teeth! After getting to almost ONE year old (in 2 weeks!) without any, some have finally popped through. His two top, front teeth have popped in, meaning he looks like the most adorable bugs bunny! We can see one or two others threatening to come through any moment. It’s so crazy.. my little baby is becoming a toddler!


Getting Married

Yep, we’re finally doing it! This coming week, we go give notice to get married, and confirm the date. We’re simply popping the registry office, grabbing two witnesses, and signing the forms finally after 3 years! I simply want a cute dress, and a nice photo of all three of us together; and then I’m super happy. It’ll be wonderful to finally get married, and to get it done before Christmas too! PERFECT.


New projects

On top of everything else, as if I weren’t busy enough; I’m trying to plan some new projects for the new year. Something big and awesome will be launched each month on my shop, and I’ll be putting more work into my newsletter too. I want to try focus on more charity work, and seeing how my projects and audience could potentially help people. Recently in my personal life I’ve been helping someone new to wheelchair use find help in making their life more accessible. This has led me to wheelchairs from Fenetic Wellbeing, and I’ve become really impressed with their service. I’m now becoming more aware of the things a disabled person has to go through, and I’d love to do something in the future to help highlight this.


Other than that, I’m just plodding along really. Looking forward to Christmas and having some time off (the only time of year I really truly take time off!). I’d say I’ll be writing back here again soon, but who knows?! We’ll see.

Thanks for reading!



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