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Being a Mum; One Year In

27th January 2020

Okay so technically as of writing this, I’ve been a mum for 14 months. But who cares.


I haven’t written an update post in forever, and I thought it was about time I share some thoughts on here. I’ve wanted to come on and babble on for so long, but life is busier than ever! I’m now in charge of a toddler! A TODDLER.


In terms of developments and milestones; River is now able to walk! But he refuses to most of the time. He will take a few steps easily each day if something catches his eye, but otherwise he knows he’s faster crawling, so reverts to that! It’s great to see him growing so much though. Climbing is HIGH priority for him right now, he LOVES IT. He will climb anything and everything in sight, whether we’re at home, outside, in other people’s houses, or daycare. you have to keep an eye on him at all times or an accident is imminent!

He’s still really only saying ‘dadda’ clearly, and the rest is babble. He doesn’t seem to have any interest in saying mama, the cheeky devil! But that’s fine, he will do it when he feels like!

He claps, he points, he copies me when we count to five on our hands, and he definitely understands certain things I say all the time, because he reacts to certain words and phrases perfectly.


As for me? I’m exhausted, but I also find this stage MUCH easier than having a baby. He’s so much easier to amuse and entertain, there are so many more options to what we can do together, and I just find everything about a toddler much more fun than a baby to be honest. A lot of mums miss those tiny baby stages, but honestly I wouldn’t go back if you paid me! My little boy now comes over and climbs on me for a cuddle, and there is no greater feeling!


Sleep is brilliant 9 times out of 10, and has been for a long, long time if I’m honest. He goes to bed about 7pm and gets up between 6-7am. The only time he’s up in the night is if he’s unwell, and I just feel so sorry for him then that I don’t mind!


It’s easier to get work done these days while still looking after him, as he’s so happy playing with his toys or watching TV while I’m close by drawing away or packing up orders. So that’s a massive relief! My shop is busier than ever too, so I need every little moment I can get.


All in all, we are happier than ever here, and I feel so lucky to be his mama!
But when I get that typical question of ‘When are you having another?!’ – I always say, NEVER. One is enough for me thank you! 😉






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