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30th November 2015

This month has definitely been one of the most hectic of year for me… maybe the most hectic ever?! And I’m including when I was at Uni and I got super stressed out and left and never went back. So yeah, it’s fair to say November has been non stop! However, it’s not a bad thing. It’s had it’s fair share of moments where I had a little panic I couldn’t keep up with everything, but then I soon got over it. I mean, right now it’s 5:30am and I’ve been up all night working. I have actually slept less than 6 hours in two days. But you know what? I’m in a good mood. Here are some reasons why…

1. #GirlGang has exploded. Seriously how did this happen? That very first post I did was just a tiny idea, that I thought maybe a small selection of bloggers may like. I didn’t realise that we’d have over 300 members in two days! It’s a whirlwind. I’m absolutely loving the way things are shaping up, but man oh man it’s cray. If you’re a member, I love you! Thank you for spreading such positive vibes! Also, it;s our first chat TONIGHT at 6pm (GMT), yay!

2. Quieter time. In a few hours Gary and I will be making the very long trip down to Plymouth, to visit his family. We’re basically going to be on the Moors in the middle of nowhere, with nothing much to do. You want my honest feelings on this? I’m so relieved. Sure, I’ll have my laptop with me because I have designs to get done for people. But basically I can use this week to slow down, catch up on sleep, go on some nice walks, spend time with Gary and plan next week. I really want to use this week to rejuvenate myself a little!

3. Blogger catch ups. This weekend I was lucky enough to get to pop to Manchester and hang out with some of the coolest bloggers I know. Some I knew more than others, and it was fab! Everyone had a laugh drinking, shopping, eating and visiting the Christmas markets. I got chatting to some girls I’d not spoken to much before and they were just bloody gorgeous! I love making new friends πŸ™‚

4. Christmas. Ohhh yes, we’re really in the spirit now aren’t we? As soon as we get home from Plymouth, I swear we’re putting all our Christmas decorations up, along with the tree, and getting Mariah on! I’m so excited to feel all festive.

5. Confidence. I don’t know what it is, but lately I feel like I have more confidence than usual. Considering I usually have ZERO, this is a huge improvement for me! It’s just little things right now, like I don’t panic as much being with new people, or I don’t absolutely hate myself when I look in the mirror. Little baby steps.

Let’s hope December starts off with a bang, and is filled with even more happiness! πŸ™‚

Also let me know what things have made you guys smile recently!

Join my Girl Gang here (because that would also make me happy!).

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