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New Books; Hygge & The Nightmare Before Christmas

26th October 2016

I have a few new additions to my bookshelf recently, that I think you guys will like. As well as my favourite crime thrillers; I love collecting art books, creative inspirations, and lifestyle books that inspire me to improve my life. So my latest new books were a welcome addition to the collection.


The Little Book of Hygge* ‘The Danish Way To Live Well’ by Meik Wiking is one I’ve seen making the rounds around the blogging community, and for good reason too!

Denmark is apparently one of the happiest countries in the world, and it’s all thanks to ‘Hygge’ – I’ll let you Google how to pronounce this. It’s defnititely not pronounced ‘higgee’ – but that’s how I like saying it for lols. So what is hygge? It’s that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when experiencing simple pleasures. You know when you’re snuggled on the sofa, with a hot chocolate and some candles? Or maybe the sun shining through the window on a warm day, making you smile? It’s that intense ‘ahhhh’ feeling that we all get through different things. All simple, all free, all hygge.


Meik Wiking is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen (I’d like to visit this place. I wonder if everyone is happy there? I wonder if they like their job? I wonder if they all just sit and smile when it’s a sunny day?), and he has studied the Danish life for years, trying to figure out why they’re the happiest people around. So who better than him to create this wonderful book explaining hygge?

This book is full of tips and observations on how to bring more hygge into your life, your daily routine, your home. It talks in depth about how people have taken advantage of hygge to create a better, more rewarding life for themselves, and it was so interesting to read about! It definitely got me thinking of how I can do this for myself.


A few things that bring me a feeling of ‘hygge’ are;

  1. Heavy rain hitting the window, while I’m inside on a grey day.
  2. Quietly drawing while I can hear Gary pottering around our flat.
  3. Cuddling our cat while lounging on the sofa watching a movie.
  4. Taking a quiet walk through the woods or park, wrapped up in a coat, hat, scarf.

I can think of thousands of examples, but all are simple pleasures that bring me joy. But now that I’m more aware of this, I may try to make more time for these things. It’s always good to slow down and appreciate the small things.

And secondly, I also received the awesome ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’* written and illustrated by the one and only Tim Burton. I’ve always been a huge fan of TNBC movie, and now to have this wonderful book companion along with it is truly special.

nb2 nbc

Luna loved it too!

This special edition book comes from the original artwork of the quirky Tim Burton (I already have more of his books, might have to share this some time!). This book is the perfect gift for any huge fans of the movie, and makes a great gift for children too I think. The story is simplified out, making it easy to follow and read along with younger ones, while still keeping the fun of the original we all know and love.



What do you guys think? Would you like either of these on your own bookshelf? 🙂



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