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Sunday Catch Up

30th October 2016

Hi guys and happy Sunday!

This week seems to have gone by in a blur for me, busy busy busy. I attended a few blog events (read about my Pixi by Petra meeting here) and I’ve been working non stop too. Overall it’s been pretty good! I just so wish I had a moment to breathe though.


This week I’ve been;

Watching: Elementary – and quite liking it! I love Lucy Lui so much, she’s a very awesome Watson to say the least. I weren’t sure about Johnny Lee Miller being Sherlock, but he plays it really well. However, I just don’t think THIS Sherlock will ever beat the British one. The stories are great, the cast is fab, I love the changes they’ve made. But overall.. I like that Benedict Cumberbatch is weirder, colder, and they tend to really make more of his deductive skills than in the American remake. But yeah, still enjoying it.

My faves, Greys Anatomy and Criminal Minds are also back! YAY!

Reading: The Girl With All The Gifts – Whenever I get a chance. I’m about 60% through and enjoying it a lot, I wish I had more time to sit down and binge read though.

Listening to: Random playlists and podcasts. A lot of ‘Reply All’ podcast, as there’s always something different. Also a lot of Ted Talks – they’re so fucking inspiring. In case anyone wonders, THIS is my favourite Ted Talk of all time. It also makes me cry everytime, and I’m not sure why. Something about ‘not belonging’ really resonates with me. Please do watch it, I guarantee you’ll be glad!

Drinking: Too much hot chocolate. Co Op sent us a great food hamper this week, and included hot chocolate and mini marshmallows and I’ve just gone a bit mental with it, haha.

Eating: Too much Halloween themed candy.

Wondering: If everything is going to be okay – I’m feeling a little worried lately.

Feeling: Worried, and a tad lonely. But ‘okay’ overall.

Looking forward to: Catching up with friends

Wishing for: A break.


Suggest things that should fill up my next week! What should I read/listen to/watch/try?

Tell me something that is INSPIRING YOU in the comments!



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