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Blog Makeover; Going From Blogger To WordPress

22nd October 2016

Hello and welcome to my new blog! As you guys can see, we have a bit of a new look around here, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve finally made the big switch to WordPress, and hopefully everything looks and runs a lot better.


Last week I noticed that none of my new blog posts were showing comments on them, even though I was getting email notifications through saying that I had some. After tweeting out about this, I found out it was another widespread Blogger issue, and there was nothing I could do except sit, wait and hope for a fix. I lasted one day before I got well and truly sick of this, and it’s not the first issue I’d had with Blogger either. Although I loved how easy Blogger was to use, I hated the problems, bugs, and uncertainty that came with using it. Plus I’ve been nagging at myself for at least a year now to go self hosted. So this week, I finally took the plunge and hired Fiona to sort the whole process for me.

She moved the entirety of my blog over to WordPress, sorted me with a snazzy new layout, and set me up with hosting – yay! The only things that still need fixing are importing all my old comments back that have built up over the years (which I so hope we can do!) and I need to just fix up some old posts which just need a little maintenance. I can do this myself and will just be an ongoing process over time 🙂


Right now I’m just getting to grips with WordPress itself, and learning how to use it. It definitely has a lot for me to take in, but I can already see I made the right decision. There are so many more options and useful plugins to help me blog effectively, and improve.

I’m so glad I got someone else to do the whole process for me, because I wouldn’t have had the time myself, and I’d have drove myself mad to be honest! So now I just get to concentrate on my content, and hopefully making this an even better blog for you guys to visit.

I really hope you like it! Please bear with me as I learn the basics of this new platform, and wish me luck!?



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