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5 Anonymous People In My Life

6th November 2016

This blog is my documented life in all it’s glory. Whether it be my latest beauty reviews, artwork, thoughts on things happening in my life or sharing photos of my week; it’s all here. I love that I can look back and I have the greatest diary ever, and it’ll help me recall things as I grow. With that in mind, my relationships with people close to me are really significant, and important to that process. So I wanted to document some of my relationships, and how they currently stand. It could be bloggers, family, old friends, old colleagues, whatever. I want to share it all. However, of course I want to respect their privacy, and an element of mystery means I can truly be honest without fear of judgement.

So here we go. Five honest, anonymous descriptions of people in my life.


Man, I love you. This person is someone I could go months without speaking to (and we have before); and it literally doesn’t affect our friendship at all. Not a sausage. We pick up exactly where we left off. Of course, we try not to let it go very long before we see each other, or at least talk. But we’re both so low maintenance that we know no explanation is expected, and the other is there whenever we may need them. This person is the kind of person you can be your uttermost self with. Your ugly self, your crying messy self, your angry, bitchy, rotten jealous self with, your confusing and lost self, your excited and energetic self, and your most boring self. I think of this person and I think of deep, hard laughter. The kind that hurts your stomach. This is probably the person with the fiercest loyalty that I know. “Wanna know how I know you’re gay?”


This person is someone who has never left my life since the night they walked into it. The moment I met them, we both knew it wasn’t fleeting. Though life is very different now, those ties are strong and steady. I know this person would be there if I called them at 3am in need of help, and I know this person has seen the very worst in me. I actually regret that I hurt this person at one time, but I’m amazed and extremely lucky that their loyalty never failed me.


This person is someone I met from blogging, and I can’t remember EXACTLY how. Because I mean, it was just gradually a friendship that seemed to bloom, and I can’t imagine not being their friend now. And I DO consider them a really good friend, even if they’re a bit of a cunt. LOL. It’s okay, I am too. They are hilarious, gloriously uncensored, honest, loyal and strong. We watch movies together, we’re cool. Well.. we live across the country from each other, so by that I mean we press play at the same time and then chat over Whatsapp. STOP JUDGING WE ARE SUPA COOL.


This person is so so so good at making me feel UNDERSTOOD. We couldn’t be more different, which is funny. Totally opposite people in every way you could think of. But wow, they get me. We get each other. If we’ve gone a long time without seeing each other, we still act like two excitable teens when we catch up. It’s wonderful, like coming home. I feel like this person is a living breathing representation of my teen years, in a weird way. I hope this never ends, because I treasure this person. I feel like we’ve both been each others ‘comfort blankets’ at one point or another. We have both helped each other get through the hardest of times, and we’ve both understood when we’ve been apart. I also love how we met through mutual friends, we didn’t know each other at all; yet we’re the only two who stayed in touch. We’re like chalk and cheese, and it’s a bit awesome.


This person is someone I’ll love and want in my life always, but I’m not sure how much they will be. We used to be so much closer, and though we aren’t anymore; I still adore this person and always miss them. It’s not the same as it used to be, but that’s okay. That’s understandable. I do wish you worried less, I’m always here. You make me laugh so much, and we always have the best time no matter what we’re doing. But I do notice this tiny, almost invisible little strain on our relationship. We’re very different now, and that’s not a bad thing. But I do think it’s altered us in ways we can’t change. I’m happy to acknowledge that though and go with it.


I’ve tried not to choose the most ‘obvious’ people, and will do more of these in the future – so keep an eye out! Maybe you’ll be in here….



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