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5 Things That Help Build My Confidence

17th December 2016

Lately I’ve felt really down on myself, and it’s totally shattered my confidence. It’s ridiculous really, because things are going better than ever in every way, yet still I feel totally inadequate and kinda crappy. I think as a blogger, it’s probably a little more common to feel this way than it should be. If you’re a blogger/vlogger too; you’ll know that unfortunately you can get dragged into this whole world of comparison, and it can eat away at you leaving only feelings of doubt.

I’m pretty damn sick of it though.

It holds me back, affects how I interact with others, and leaves me questioning my own abilities. Whether it’s something ridiculous, like wondering why I don’t get the same opportunities as others, or feeling like I can’t wear a pretty dress I love; I’m constantly letting my self esteem run so low that I’m not being myself.

So with this in mind, I came up with a little list of things that I know are fool proof ways to boost my confidence. I thought I’d share it with you guys, in the hopes it might inspire one or two of you too! Obviously this list is catered to what helps me, but feel free to let me know what helps YOU in the comments 🙂

1. Being grateful for the things I have – Making a little mental note of all the good that surrounds my life is so good for the soul! I’ve now dedicated a page in my journal to all the wonderful things I have to be grateful for. Like my family, friends, blogger pals, doing something I love for a job, a lovely home, etc. This helps to instantly lift my mood, and in turn makes me feel more confident about who I am, and what I’m doing.


2. Taking note of things I like about myself – This one is MUCH, much harder for me. But I’m *trying*, I really am. I have a little post it note of things I like about myself above my desk, so it’s always reminding me, and this helps! I’m also trying to step out of my comfort zone with fashion and beauty, by telling myself I’m worth it (cue Loreal advert). I finally wore my black tulle skirt this week, which I’ve been admiring in my closet for SIX MONTHS. It’s beautiful, and princessy, and terrifying to me. Having my legs out, even a little bit, scared me into never actually wearing it. But I finally forced myself this week, and I’m so so glad!


3. Working on my skills – Is there anything better for confidence than working on something you KNOW you rock at? Being able to throw your hands up and cheer for yourself about a piece of work, or a particular skill is awesome. I thoroughly recommend delving into anything you know you have a knack for, as a confidence booster.


4. Taking time out – Closing the laptop, hiding my phone, and taking a night or two off work is an INSTANT help for my own confidence. As someone who lives online, I can tell you that after a while those ‘perfect Instagram people’ and those awesome bloggers knocking out new ideas all the time; CAN get to me. It can make me curl into a ball and tell myself I’m nowhere near as good. Getting away from all that, distancing myself from the things that trigger that confidence nose dive for me, is essential. A good book, a walk, hanging with friends always helps.


5. Accomplishing something new – When you take on a new project/skill/challenge; it can be an amazing boost for your confidence. Showing yourself you can still take on new things and rock it, you’ll feel better about yourself than ever. I have some new projects in the works, and I’m feeling more confident already!


Do you guys have anything that always helps your confidence?
Let me know!



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