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Feel Good Basics From Misfit Cosmetics

9th January 2017

The past 6/7 weeks have been really tough, as I’ve suffered from a really bad chest infection which left me feeling exhausted, run down and weak. It’s only just going to be honest!

This tied with my ever hectic work schedule meant that I haven’t felt my best in a while now. However I did have a few special products which managed to really make me feel human throughout the holiday period.

Misfit Cosmetics got in touch with me a few weeks ago, asking me if I’d like to try some of their range, and I said I’d love to. They very kindly sent me the Slumber Natural Sleek aid*, Blackhead Extraction Paste Peel Off Mask*, and the Shine Teeth Whitening Powder*.

The Slumber natural sleep aid was the most perfect thing they could have sent me lately, as I’ve had such trouble sleeping with such a bad chest infection. The lavender oil has such a relaxing and soothing effect, and I felt like a few drops on my pillow really helped me breathe too!

You only need a drop or two for this to be effective, and for just £7.99 it really does seem to go a long way. I’ve been using this every night now, and cant even see much of a difference in the amount in the bottle. I’m so happy, this has become a must have for me now!

I also started using the Teeth Whitening Powder (£14.99) to really give my smile a shine, and look extra white. The powder is made from charcoal, which is known to help teeth get rid of stubborn stains, and really clean them up well. This powder is also gentle enough for daily use too, so that’s great news if you drink a lot of coffee like me! I definitely notice a difference after using this for three weeks, and think the price is a bargain too!

My absolute favourite product of all though was the Blackhead Extraction Paste (£18.99 and worth every penny) as this is THE BEST blackhead clearing product I’ve ever used! Some of you may already know I have an obsession with keeping my pores as clean and clear as possible, and I’m always on the lookout for new products to try tackle this.

This peel off mask is absolutely brilliant; you simply apply the black paste (really weird at first!) to your target area, and leave for 20 minutes to dry and set. Then, you are able to simply peel away all the paste like a regular mask, and it pulls out any nasty blackheads along with it! I felt so satisfied seeing the results afterwards, that I made gary have a go too! Haha. I definitely think you guys would LOVE this product, and can’t recommend it enough!


So there we have it, my feel good basics for the past month or so; which have really helped me feel pretty inside and out even though I’ve definitely been fighting off a bad chest infection!

What products have you guys been using lately?




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