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January Excitement

3rd January 2017
life print

Hi guys! I hope you all had a wonderful new year!

I genuinely love fresh starts, and January is the best of the best for getting that ‘starting over’ feeling. We’re taking our Christmas decorations down today, having a good clear out, and looking forward to 2017.

life print


Gary and I seem to both be really inspired this week, especially in regards to Instagram! He’s started a photo a day challenge on his own Instagram, to push himself to be creative and document each day, and I think it’s wonderful! I’ve started up a whole new Instagram account, dedicated solely to my creative side. So any doodles, illustrations, paintings I do will all be documented on this account. I LOVE this, and have been meaning to do it for a while! So starting January first seemed perfect. I found that I keep my normal/blog Instagram quite themed, with plenty of colourful imagery, beauty products, selfies, etc. And while I love this, sometimes my artwork or doodles don’t quite fit in, and I found myself reluctant to post them. So a whole new account for them works out great! I’m trying to stick to following other creatives on there too, to keep it a totally arty account for myself.



The new notebooks on my Etsy have been selling quite well, and I’m so so pleased! I haven’t sold them all yet though, so do go have a visit and treat yourself! I’ve absolutely loved dedicating myself to a new line of products, and I’m hoping I can do more notebooks soon, in new designs (maybe it’ll be a monthly thing, a new line each month?). I’m also definitely planning on making my own pins, patches, beanies and mugs! Please let me know in the comments which you’d prefer!
I’ve started spreading out the header designs and logos I do for bloggers and small businesses too, as I’ve found it takes up too much of my time at the moment. I’m still doing them, and love it! But I just need to cut it down by about 70%. So instead of doing around 3 or 4 designs a week for people, I’d rather just do one a week. I’m actually keen to increase the amount of custom portraits I do for people though! I really want to practise getting my ‘signature style’ with illustrations (like the ones shown below) whether I’m working digitally or in watercolour.

Want one of these of yourself? Email me – Currently they’re priced at £20! 🙂



The greatest thing about taking a few days off over the holidays, was the chance to really take care of myself. Simple things, like taking a long bath, painting my nails, using face and hair masks; really made all the difference! I felt so well rested and more like myself.

I’ve been obsessed with these nail polishes from Itsy Nails London* recently, and they’re bloody gorgeous!

itsy nails

My favourite throughout December was definitely the red, and this week I’ve been wearing the grey because I always love grey polishes! However I do think the green and pink are PERFECT for heading into Spring with, so I’ll for sure favour them from next month onward 🙂 The formula is beautiful, and they are super shiny! I found that they last at least 3 days without chipping; which for a painter/artist is something special, lemme tell ya.



I’m hoping this week to start teaching myself my ukulele, as I’m so excited to get started! I’m also trying to ease into the ‘healthier 2017 Jemma’ by drinking lots more water with my water chart stickers (available in this pack) and creating lots of yummy smoothies made with a variety of fruit! As for keeping my mind nice and happy – I’m going to start one of the many new books I have waiting for my on my Kindle 🙂




I hope you guys are having an exciting/lovely/motivated week too! Let me know what you have planned for this month!




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