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10 Things I’m Super Grateful For Lately

15th February 2017

Since getting some bad news recently, it’s been hard to perk myself up and truly feel like ‘myself’. However there are things that have kept me feeling good, and that I really feel grateful for lately. I’m sure I’ll feel much better soon, but for now, here are 10 things I’m grateful for during this mopey time.

1. Good books – Is there anything quite as brilliant as getting lost in a good book? Crime thrillers and mysteries are my faves, and I’ve indulged in them a lot lately (Lincoln Rhyme ones mostly!).

2. Gary – I’m always grateful for Gary, but especially lately he’s been my rock. Always willing to do anything to make me smile, and nothing is ever too much trouble. I’d be absolutely lost without this man.

3. Things to look forward to – Staying positive is easier when good things are on the horizon. We have our big move to look forward to, our first Summer living together in Plymouth, decorating our new home, getting a dog, a new job for Gary and lots of little adventures to come.

4. Working from home – When you feel like shit, is there anything worst than having to drag your arse out of bed and plaster on a smile? I can’t tell you how bloody grateful I am right now that I don’t have to do that. I mean I’m always grateful for that, but the past few weeks I’ve counted my blessings everyday.

5. Luna – Cuddles with my little one have been very much needed, and she’s been more affectionate than ever! Every morning, every night, and even inbetween when I’m working; she’s come and found me for a good snuggle.

6. Contribution – When I’m feeling down, doing things for others brings me joy. So I’ve tried to keep that in mind and do a variety if things to spread some love and kindness if possible. Raising money for Planned Parenthood, donating sponsored post money to MIND, getting family involved in fund raising, and planning to volunteer somewhere have all been the focus in February so far, and I’m so grateful to be able to do so.

7. New hobbies – Pumping a bit of new life into an old routine feels SO good. I’ve started cycling now that my new bike has arrived, yaaay! I’ve wanted a bike for absolutely ages, and finally got myself one. I’ve also been keeping up with my regular ukulele lessons to myself (Youtube is amazing for tutorials haha), so I’m really happy about that.

8. New beauty products – If all else fails, retail therapy! I have only bought one or two bits here and there; but it feels nice to buy myself something for once, because I so rarely do. You’ll probably see some reviews popping up soon of my new buys! So keep an eye out.

9. Friends – So many lovely people to thank, I’d be here all day. Sorry you’ve put up with a mopey Jemma, but I so so appreciate it. Special shout out to Sharon & Beth for both sending me cute cards in the post, just to make me smile! ILY. It’s so important to have a good support system and I truly believe that. If you’re struggling you can always look at BetterHelp for a therapist near you. Talking really does help so many things.

10. Considerate brands – Recently I’ve been invited to some special events in London, and this happens a lot tbh, and I can never go. Anyway, upon recently telling one or two brands that unfortunately I couldn’t make it so far; they decided to send out samples for me anyway, and expressed their desire to work with me still. I thought this was really, really lovely! It definitely feels good to know I’m doing something right maybe.



What are you guys grateful for?




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