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The Ten Year Bucket List; Goals, Hopes, Dreams.

7th February 2017

Nobody knows what tomorrow has in store for them, let alone the next ten years. We love to hope though, and making goals whether big or small can be a great way to motivate yourself. I love the idea of a bucket list, but making it specifically for the next ten years feels more determined to me. If you’re like me, having goals will really inspire you and push you forward, driving you to conquer them one by one. I’m not perfect of course! I don’t always get there, but it helps. And trying is half the battle, y’know?

So here’s my big bucket list of things I’m hoping, dreaming and planning for the next TEN YEARS of my life (oh my god in ten years I’ll be almost 39, EEK!)…

(In no particular order, some of these are ‘biggies’ and some are really small ones!)

1. Write a book.

2. Meet an elephant up close (I’ve heard bad things about riding them).

3. Go canoeing.

4. Get a dog.

5. Get married and have the prettiest wedding.

6. Travel to Japan, Seattle, New York, Italy, Iceland and Canada.

7. Meet some of my heroes.

8. Climb a mountain

9. Surprise Mum with a trip somewhere.

10. Have my own brand of illustrative products in big chain; like Paperchase.

11. See Eminem perform live again.

12. Have children. My ideal scenario would be one boy, one girl. But two either way sounds good.

13. Organise a surprise party for someone.

14. Go to a spa.

15. Run a 5K.

16. See the Northern Lights.

17. Master an instrument.

18. Stand under a waterfall.

19. Put a love lock on Pont des Arts Bridge.

20. Volunteer somewhere.

21. Take up yoga classes.

22. Go to Disneyland and get a photo in front of the castle.

23. Give blood.

24. Go horse riding.

25. See a Ted Talk live.


Wish me luck!
What would be on your list?



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