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Starting A Daily Art Journal To Stay Creative

16th February 2017

One of the biggest things I struggle with as a creator is often feeling ‘not good enough’, or like there’s no point or real worth to my work. You constantly berate yourself into this corner where it’s hard to get yourself back up again, with confidence.

I’ve especially felt this for the past month; my creativity has been in crisis. I’ve turned down amazing opportunities, I’ve had things pass by me, and I’ve allowed myself to wallow in self pity. I’m not sorry about that, I kind of need it right now, I think. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to build myself back up again as soon as possible.

art journal

This is when I decided to start my latest Art journal. I’ve had some before, but never stuck at them in a daily routine, and I have tended to be so unorganised in the past that all my random doodles and collages end up in a variety of places. But this time, I’ve decided to keep everything in the one book, and I’m going to do something in it every single day, until it’s completely filled up.


I LOVE my art journalΒ because there is literally NO PRESSURE whatsoever. It’s for me, and me only. I can use it for absolutely anything I like, and I never have to worry about it not being good enough. It doesn’t matter if I fill it with random thoughts, like a diary, and doodle around my notes. It doesn’t matter if I use my watercolours to paint something small and intricate within the pages. It doesn’t matter if I fill it with inspiring articles in magazines, or quotes I’d like to remind myself of. Whatever, anything goes.

art journal

So the reason WHY this is something I want to stick to, is because of how much it helps me. I get to feel creative, even in small ways everyday, without any pressure. My mind can’t tell me I’m doing this badly or it’ll never amount to anything, because I already know that! It’s a given already. IT’S FINE.

So I’m allowed to get messy, I’m allowed to scrawl whatever I want between the pages, I’m allowed to let out my innermost thoughts if I wish. I’m okay to practise drawing, and it;s even more okay if it looks awful. It’s a beautiful way of documenting my life in the simplest form, creatively.

art journal art journal

I can record memories, I can write about all the things that inspire me, or I canΒ practise a new technique.

At the moment I’m favouring collage; because the easy, simple cute and paste method is soothing to me. It just helps me get started for the day, even when I’m at my most unmotivated. Plus it’s a great way to use up all the cute tapes/papers/polaroids I have hanging around πŸ™‚

Doing this daily is helping me focus on something positive too. I feel like I’m accomplishing something, even if small. I think that’s what I need most right now; cheering myself on for the small stuff. I might not be doing anything of any importance,Β but it’s helping me piece myself back together into a more positive, creative mind.

I would 100% LOVE to see everyone reading this starting their own art journal – because ANYONE can do one! I promise you’ll be glad you did! It doesn’t matter if you jot down poems, use watercolour, collage, add glitter, collect photos/other small treasures, or even finger paint. There are no rules, and it can spark a great creative side of yourself!

Let me know what you guys think, and you can follow my creative Instagram here (@dorkfacedraws) to keep an eye on my progress.


Happy journaling!


(psst, if wondering, I use a Leuchtturm 1917)


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