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Workspace Essentials

2nd February 2017

There’s nothing I love geeking over more than a good desk/workspace. I know, that sounds so sad doesn’t it? But I really am obsessed, I even have a Pinterest board just for Desk inspo. Does anyone else do this?! I love pretty decor, I love seeing how other people arrange all the tools and tech they need, and I love making it feel like a hub of inspiration. In fact, I’ve done a previous post about my own desk setup that you guys might like. So I think it was pretty inevitable that I’d eventually do a post like this.

So here are my essentials for any workspace (IMO, obv);


1. Headphones
Drown out those distractions, and let yourself get lost in your fave music. OR, like me, listen to ASMR videos which I find super helpful at keeping me focused for some reason.

2. Hand cream
It’s important to take care of your hands, especially during Winter months so hand cream is a total must. However I think I’d say I need it even more, because I paint a lot, which means washing my hands more often, and it can really dry them out! So keeping a good nourishing cream nearby is so useful!

3. Notebooks
I mean we all love an excuse to buy cute notebooks eh? Writing out your daily to-do list in detail is so handy, and gives you that excuse!

4. Water bottle
I’m terrible for forgetting to drink enough, but if I have my super cute water bottle right in front of me; it reminds me to keep filling it up! Stay hydrated guyzzz.

5. Lip balm
Same as the hand cream, it’s a must have for keeping moisturised throughout the day! Keep it close and you’ll not forget while working away. PLUS if you get a super cute one like mine (yasss that mini pineapple is a lip balm!) then you’ll be happy to display it on your desk anyway.

6. Post-it notes
Never forget anything again! Sure you have those notebooks, but they’re for work. What if you need a quick reminder to phone someone, pick up milk, or make a note of that special new eyeshadow palette coming out?! Write it down, and pop it on the wall right in front of you.

7. Inspiration
Don’t allow the space you work in to feel like it drains you of all energy, motivation and passion. Pop up some cute/inspiring prints (oh HEY I happen to have some on Etsy) and remind yourself YOU GOT DIS.

8. Facial spritz
Okay, it it obvious by now I love taking care of my skin and keeping moisturised? Keeping a facial spritz nearby is absolutely essential IMO, and works wonders no matter what the season. It’ll cool you down in warmer months, and keep you from drying out in colder months. I love Jurlique’s Rose Mist Spray or Botanics Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz which you can grab from Boots; and you can use this Boots discount code*! Definitely makes my skin feel nourished and loved 🙂


What little essentials do you guys rely on? 🙂




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