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10 Blog Props I Love

21st March 2017

If you’re a blogger, coming up with new blog props for your photos all the time can be hard. You want to keep things fresh, look pretty, but still have your own recognisable style/brand. I love when people take great care with their photography, to make things look their very best; no matter what type of blogger they are.

Sometimes we end up getting stuck in a photo rut though, and coming up with new ideas can be tricky. So today I thought I’d share my list of favourite blog prop ideas with you guys, in the hopes that it inspires your photography!


1. Colourful papers/textures
I’m a huge fan of colour, so I immediately love to see lots of colourful paper/card/tissue paper used in photos. However, you can play around with this by sticking to muted colours, or rolls of marble paper!

2. Plushies
Probably a surprising one, but I love to see people use plushies and other cute toys/collections in their blog photography. Whether it’s Tsum Tsums, Pop Funko’s or other geeky toys; it adds so much fun and personality!

3. Stationery
The greatest thing ever is buying new stationery, and now you have even more of an excuse because it makes great blog photos! Pencil cases, cute pens, notebooks or sticky notes; all of them are fab.

4. Magazines
Adding a shot of a magazine in a photo seems to add an instant chic feel, don’t you think? Okay, well it does if it’s Vogue or another gorgeous mag; maybe not so much if its Auto Trader! Plus it means you have a whole magazine of imagery you could use as part of your photo then!

5. Tech
Laptops, phones, tablets, ipods – all make great blog props and can work wonders in your photography for really setting a scene.

6. Beauty products
I love when people use lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes or even just a hand cream; it adds a girly touch no matter what the blog post may be about.

7. Artwork
If you want your blog photography to be unique, there are so many ways you could use pretty artwork in your shots. In fact, check out my Etsy store for cute prints that make great blog photo props!

8. Fairy lights/Bunting
Framing your images or adding more depth with fairy lights blurred in the background, or cute bunting handing down; can make a whole world of difference! It means your photos have something extra special, rather than a simple face on shot of that new lippie.

9. Balloons/confetti/glitter/party decorations
I LOVE this, and I tend to use these things a lot. I personally love a colourful, party vibe; so confetti, glitter and other typically ‘party’ themed items feature a lot in my photos. I’ve become quite known for my colourful confetti over the years haha 🙂

10. Plants/flowers
A beautiful addition to any style of blog post, is plants or flowers. They set a scene naturally, and can add colour, or keep muted if you wish. I just LOVE when people use ’em!


What about you guys, what blog props do you love using/seeing?




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