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Being An Everyday Unicorn

19th April 2017

Everyday Unicorns Tshirt


I recently had the immense luck to be contacted by the lovely Valery (who I’m already a huge fan of!), asking if I’d like to be an Everday Unicorn. WHY YES, YES I WOULD. I mean, I have the hair, right?!

If you didn’t already know, Valery has launched her own line of awesome, feminist friendly Tshirts; under the brand ‘Everyday Unicorns‘. Valery wanted to create a line of fun and cute Tshirts, that also represented real and important messages, and so her idea was born.

Everyday Unicorns Tshirts

So many of her designs appealed to me; but none more than the Tshirt* I’m wearing here. It reads, ‘Nevertheless, she persisted.’ A message of true determination, and never giving up, even when times are hard. THAT’S exactly what I need right now. You may have read my post yesterday, explaining why I’m feeling overwhelmed, so you’ll know I’m really trying to keep my head above water lately. This sort of message is something I need to keep reminding myself of, and what better way than on my Tshirt?!

Persistence is what has kept this blog up for over 3 years. Persistence is what led to me quitting my job and being able to be my own boss. Persistence is what pushes me through every test, big and small, to come out the other end shining bright. Being an everyday unicorn means finding those moments in the everyday; where you feel special, you feel important, you feel like a badass unicorn!

I’m in awe of Valery for creating something so special, and I’m in love with all her designs. I ordered this tee in a size up than normal, in case sizing was tricky – but I needn’t have worried! Each really is true to size, so there’ no faffing about needed! I’m quite happy anyway, I love a baggy tee, so win win. Each product is made very high quality, and they’re responsibly made.

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I’m feeling a little more awesome each time I wear it, and I just know you guys will too. Check out the rest of her designs here!





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