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9 Things I’m Grateful For Lately

19th July 2017

Counting your blessings; however big or small, can make you feel so much better about everything. I often try to list good things in my life as a pleasant reminder, especially if times are a little harder.

I have so much to be grateful for lately, so I thought I’d share my happy little list with you guys, and hopefully inspire you to think up your own! πŸ™‚

1. My whatsapp babes. You know who you are, poo mint gang, Holly, Robyn, and more. HA. I seriously adore you all, and I’m so grateful for the everyday lolz and support. Especially Erin’s voice notes, haaaa.

2. The truly amazing kindness shown to me from strangers, and far away friends lately. I’ll have a new laptop soon, thanks to people caring. There are no words that can say how much I appreciate this!!

3. Our home; it’s coming along so beautifully. I feel so incredibly happy here, and making it our own feels amazing! I’m sure I’ll show some photos soon on here to show the progress.

4. Gary. I don’t like to be publicly mushy really. But y’know what? This guy is my hero, he is AMAZING. After 6 and half years he still makes me laugh, treats me like a queen, and I still fancy the pants off him. I’m v grateful for him.

5. Free time; I’ve been so, so glad to make more time lately for little things. Y’know those things you don’t NEED to do, but are amazing to find time for? Whether it be reading a good book, painting my nails, drawing, or simply doing a fun DIY around the house. It’s making me SO happy. More of this please.

6. Beauty ban. As many of you may know, a few months ago I swore to stop buying makeup unless it was something truly special, or something I REALLY wanted after considerable thought. No more spontaneous spending, and no more buying things simply because they’re the new and exciting thing. I’m still lucky to receive some samples every now and again to review, but otherwise in the past few months I’ve only bought one palette – that’s it! And I can’t tell you how good it feels guys! I’m actually using up my existing collection, and making a point to try out the huge amount of beauty products I already have, rather than using once and moving on. I thoroughly recommend this!

7. Good skin. I’m lucky that I’ve very rarely suffered with spots or breakouts, ever. But I do often get dry skin which can look patchy, and red blotchy areas. But anyway, lately my skin has been AMAZING. Am I allowed to say that?? Seriously though, Im so happy! Ive even JUST worn tinted moisturiser lately rather than a full face of foundation which is my usual choice. It’s all down to this tbh, couldn’t recommend it enough.

8. A bit of confidence. Let’s not hang too long on this one, or we might scare it away. I shouldn’t even say the word really (I’m treating it like Voldemort), but yep.. I’ve felt a bit good about myself lately. Only a bit, but yeah..!!

9. The rain. We’ve had a few rainy days here in Plymouth this week (and even some thunder and lightening!), thank gawwwddd! I bloody love the rain and I find it so inspiring, so my brain’s been buzzing with ideas, YAY!



What are you guys feeling grateful for lately? πŸ™‚




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