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Sunday Slumber

9th July 2017

This week has been much better than last week; I feel motivated, happier and more like myself. If you read my recent post on pressure, you’ll know I sort of worked myself into the ground lately, eek. However I’m getting myself out of that funk now it seems, and trying to take things slowly.

Working for yourself seems like a dream, and believe me I know I’m lucky; but it also means you put an incredible amount of pressure on yourself, and you constantly stress over if you’ll have enough money to pay the next bill. When you make money doing something you love, like creating; it can also blur the lines between work and play, SO much. Am I painting because I want to? Or because I desperately hope someone will buy it? If it’s the latter, I just can’t get anything done really. Only creating through pure joy works for me, so it’s hard if you’re not quite feeling yourself.

As I say this week seems so much better though, and I’m hoping it continues.

I’m painting again, I’ve started crafting some fun tote bag designs (hopefully will have these on Etsy soon!), I have an idea for a huge new project I want to take on, and I feel like I’m on top of things in general. I’m SUPER happy with this blog at the moment; it’s the one thing I feel 100% confident in. I have content I’m really happy with, I recently gave the design a bit of a face lift (what do you guys think??) and it brings me as much joy as ever. This blog is definitely my happy place.

The other thing I’m really excited about, is my Instagram!

It’s such a love/hate relationship with the app that we all have mixed feelings over. But lately I’ve found myself enjoying it more, thanks to doing my own thing. As much as I wish I were travelling the world, and looked like a model, it just ain’t happening. So how can my Instagram compete? Well, it can’t. Get over it Jemma. That’s the first step.

Once I’d accepted that, I kinda let loose a little more. These days my Instagram has more of a hazy/dreamy filter effect going on, and I’m snapping pics everyday of little things that make me happy. I’m not restricting what sort of content is on there, and it doesn’t have to be the perfect flatlay. I’m simply celebrating daily beauty and joy, and I love it so much! I’ve been much more active on the app, I post videos everyday, and I’ve had much more engagement because of it too. So how about it guys? Come give me a follow? 🙂


Anyway, today Gary and I are going on a picnic! We treasure our weekends together now that Gary works Monday to Friday; and we always plan nice things to do. We’re heading into the woods, walking down the trail by the river, climbing some hills, and finding a place in the sun to hang out. It’s going to be lovely, I’m so grateful to live in such a beautiful place.

So I better go get ready to leave, have a great Sunday guys!






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