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August Goals

2nd August 2017

I LOVE goals; I have pages dedicated to my goals for each month and year in my bullet journal, and it’s my fave. Reassessing things and planning things makes me feel really organised, and gives the illusion that my life is somewhat together ?. I use planner stickers to keep me focused (and make my journal pretty, obv) and I always enjoy sharing my monthly goals with you guys on here.

So today I’m listing the ten things I hope to get from the month of August!

1. Go hiking at least once a week with Gary, and a camera in hand. – Even though Autumn is my FAVE season ever and Winter just behind in second place; I can’t see us hiking much in the colder months. So I hope to make the most of it in August!

2. See a movie. – I haven’t been the cinema in ages! I definitely want to check out at least once new movie this month; so throw your recommendations at me.

3. Find a new series to binge watch. – I always seem to just watch the same shit over and over. I really need to explore some now shows (well, new to me!). Tell me all your must-watch faves?!

4. Keep going with THE PROJECT. – More info here. But basically keep going and stay motivated.

5. Listen to more podcasts. These are all my faves, but I’m trying to explore more gems too!

6. Finish a book. I’ve just started Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’ and I hope to finish this pretty quick, definitely by the end of August at latest!

7. Plan all Autumn/Halloween content. I’ve started this, yay! It’s my fave time of year, so it’s always a joy to plan this sort of content. I hope to have it all finished and ready to go this month.

8. Plan Instagram content. I need to get better at planning Instagram content. I’m enjoying the platform more as I’ve freed up my theme and what I post, hopefully making it more of an Arty/creative space; but I’d love to plan content for it more so it’s extra awesome.

9. Advertise with bloggers. I would like to support some fellow babes, so hit me up with your fave recommendations for advertising! Also, remember I have my own ad packages here.

10. Curl my hair more. I love having my hair wavy/curly, but for some reason I haven’t done this in ages! Probably as it’s super quick to straighten, but I aim to change this as I love my hair with a soft curl!


What are your goals for August?




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