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5 Fantastic Things

5th September 2017

It’s a quiet Tuesday afternoon as I write this. I have a hot cup of coffee in front of me, a cat on my lap, and the wind is howling outside. I’m definitely in my happy place.

This week is getting off to a truly lovely start, and I feel like I’ve been completely rejuvenated lately. A lot of good, productive and happy things have been happening; so I thought today I’d stop for a little while and tell you all about them. I hope your week is going wonderfully too!

1. All things Autumnal.

The rainy days, darker evenings, and leaves starting to fall all hint that Autumn is creeping in – and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been preparing for the new season already, although I’m pretty sure it doesn’t ‘officially start’ until the end of the month. Last week Gary and I visited Hobbycraft, and started picking up little Halloween decorations already. They have glittery pumpkins, paint your own skulls, spooky confetti, and even ghost fairy lights! I wanted to buy it all, but I stuck to just a few ‘essentials’ for now. Another trip will no doubt be made soon.

2. Reunions.

Another reason I’m so excited for Autumn and the coming months, is that it’s not long until I visit my family and friends in Liverpool! Gary and I will be going back home to stay a few days near the end of October, to see my family, catch up with as many people as possible, and even have a big, drunken night out with old friends! We will be there the weekend just before Halloween (as that falls on a Tuesday this year), so we’ve all agreed to get dressed up for our night out! I already have my costume ready; I’m that keen! My friends heard I was missing them, and a little down; so they arranged the most perfect night out for us all, and I could burst with joy! Mum even promised to look after me and cook me a roast dinner when I am no doubt hungover the next day. Belter.

3. Routine.

Remember my recent blog post about changes I want to make? Well I was serious about them! Gary and I took a look at my schedule, and listed all the things that were essential, and the things that I shouldn’t be making a priority anymore. It was hard, but SO worth it! For the past week, I’ve been able to finish work by 8pm at the absolute latest (I know this sounds late, but this is brilliant for me!), and I’ve actually had more free time to read, chill out, bake, and take care of myself. I’ve even enjoyed making time for yoga and some at home workout routines – crazy eh?! I’ll write more about this soon. But basically, I’m a happy sod right now. I feel a little more free, and it’s brilliant.

4. Reading.

With my new routine, comes more time to read! And my gosh, have I been taking advantage. I finally finished Agatha’s Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’ – loved it. Then I moved on to Robert Webb’s ‘How To Not Be A Boy’ – and I can’t urge you enough to read this! It’s absolutely wonderful. He simply shares his thoughts and own experiences based on gender roles, and I found it both heartbreaking, charming and hilarious. Fear not, he’s not taking credit for things feminists have been preaching for years either; he recommends other fantastic works by brilliant women, he is up front and honest about every point he makes, and he is simply sharing his own story. I think it’s really important to see these things from everyone’s point of view, and there were many refreshing points in his book. I devoured it in a few days, and would definitely recommend to a friend. And now? Now I’ve moved onto Susan Calman’s ‘Cheer Up Love: Adventures in depression with the Crab of Hate’. I’m only a quarter through this so far, so can’t share my full review; but so far I’m really enjoying it! I only discovered Susan through listening to an old episode of The Guilty Feminist Podcast (go listen!), and thought she was hilarious.

5. Business stuff.

I’ve recently had the immense pleasure and great luck, of being one of Jasmin Charlotte’s guinea pigs for her amazing new venture; being a business and blog coach. I can’t even begin to tell how fucking HELPFUL this has been. I’m sorry for swearing, but that’s how passionately I feel about this. Okay so basically, for the past 3 and half years, I’ve pinned thousands of ‘Blog Tips’ and ‘Small Biz Tips’ posts on Pinterest, I’ve bookmarked blog posts full of handy suggestions for making a successful blog and business, and I’ve slaved over analytics and statistics trying to crack the secret to this game. It all feels absolutely pointless in comparison to the amazing coaching and advice I’ve had from Jasmin. This girl knows her stuff when it comes to business growth, SEO, HTML, branding and growing an engaged and loyal audience. She has put all her skills into building her own business, and she’s now available to hire for coaching services. I recently had the pleasure of this service from Jasmin, and I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made already. After a full study of my blog, Etsy shop, social media and business overall, over the period of a few days; Jasmin was able to do a 100% complete analysis of everything. She studied the things I’m doing well, things I need to improve upon, aspects I should be paying attention to, helpful tips and tricks to streamline my business and grow my readership, and give me fresh eyes and a new perspective on where I want my brand/business to head in the future. I’m not about to share the full analysis here of course, but let me tell you it’s a service any blogger or small biz owner would find truly helpful/insightful/amazing! I have a huge PDF full of tips, worksheets and advice from Jasmin now, and it’s something I’ve been working on for the past week or two. Those with keen eyes may have noticed some changes here on the blog recently, thanks to Jasmin’s coaching. And more changes will be rolled out over my brand, Etsy, social media, etc in the coming weeks. I feel like I have a new lease of life for my business, and an action plan that will actually help! I cant stress enough how badly you guys need to hire Jasmin. Check out her services here.


It’s fair to say I’ve welcomed in September with open arms, and I’m feeling better than I probably have all year. I hope the next few months continue to lift me up – and I hope you guys are doing well too!

Thanks for reading x




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