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The Busy Girl’s Guide To a Great Nights Sleep*

15th November 2017


If ever there was someone who is always labelled ‘the busy girl’, it’s definitely me. My life sometimes feels like plate spinning, and on the rare chances I get a break, my mind doesn’t stop whizzing ideas and plans around anyway. I wrote recently about this dilemma of working hard, and how it’s sometimes something I love and sometimes an absolute necessity.

It can be hard to relax, and definitely hard to get a good night’s sleep when you have a schedule like mine; so I thought today I’d share my top tips for getting a great night’s sleep. I’ve tried and tested many methods before, to really try to make the most of those precious hours at night; so I hope they help you too!


1. Make the space welcoming.

If you make your bedroom a place of total beauty, relaxation and tidiness; it’ll be that much more inviting each evening. It definitely doesn’t feel as good going to bed, when you have to get clothes off the bed first or clear clutter around you (take it from me!). So display pretty artwork (if you fancy a commission from me, I’m now taking one or two before Christmas for colourful abstract pieces! Email, light some candles, hang fairy lights and get yourself some adorable bed sheets!

2. Invest in a memory foam mattress*.

This is one of the best things my fiance and I could have ever done, especially as I suffer from chronic back pain. I was in an accident a few years ago, and since then my back has been in regular pain. Memory foam mattresses are known for being super comfy and luxurious, but the benefits also include feeling at home again in your own body, and not struggling in paint each night. The lovely folk over at Mattressman have some amazing offers, so it’s worth checking out. I’ve also invested in memory foam pillows too, so worth it!

3. Get into a routine.

I’m not going to say you should be in bed every night by 10pm; because you’re busy, you probably can’t be that specific. Sometimes I work into the wee hours, and I can only imagine how hard it is for people with young children. But I do think a routine really helps me get ‘into the zone’ when it comes to bedtime. I get into my pjs, do my skincare routine, chat about my day with my fiance, and set my alarms before getting cosy in bed. It’s the little things like this that make a huge difference and can ease you into a night of relaxation; rather than stopping work and trying to wind down completely in the space of 30 seconds.

4. Ban work.

No laptops, journals or other work related tools allowed in the bedroom; because I just know I’ll give in and use them. Whether it’s ‘just adding one more thing to tomorrow’s to-do list‘ or ‘writing that last paragraph‘; I know I’ll never stop and before you know it, my bedroom is a work space. I don’t even use my phone for anything apart from setting my alarm, while I’m in the bedroom.

5. Read a feel good book in bed.

This is one of my favourite tips, because it helps me so much! I get a much better sleep if I read a few pages of a book (especially a happy/funny one) before I drift off to sleep. It helps me slow down, and it erases all thoughts of work from my mind. You don’t want the last thoughts in your head as you lie down to be about deadlines or responsibilities, so a feel good book fixes this! Plus it’s always good to make time to read.


What are your favourite tips for a great night sleep?




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