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November Advertisers

26th November 2017

November has been a wonderful month for me; hitting a few milestones, making great plans, reading more than ever and making time for myself. It’s also given me a little extra excitement for the end of the year. I’m so thrilled it’s December any minute now, and I’ll be able to prepare for our first Christmas in this home! The end of the year always makes me feel really reflective too, and helps get me motivated for the year ahead. So it’s fair to say this time of year brings out the best in me.

November has been a fantastic month for advertisers on this blog too! I’ve got a great bunch of folk who I know you’re interested in (I’ve seen you clicking away on their buttons on my sidebar!); and I wanted to highlight today why you should go show them some love!


Jamie’s Corner

Jamie’s blog is a new one for me, a little gem of a discovery! It’s filled with beauty posts, mental health issues, travel, lifestyle and so much more! I love how REAL and chatty her posts seem, whatever they may be about!

LouLou Loves

LouLou Loves is an online store that I fell in love with this year after trying their Sonic Facial Cleanser (its amazing!). The store has so many different and innovative health and beauty products, it’s well worth checking out!

The Quirky Queer

Bit of a legendary blog name, eh? Izzy’s blog is a friendly activist blog, based on lifestyle issues, ethical fashion, cruelty free beauty and SO much more! Izzy has so many great reads, and her passion shows!

Kayleigh Zara

Kayleigh has become a regular on this blog, and hers has become one of my all time favourites. She has addictive content ranging from lifestyle posts, beauty reviews, travel, happy things and anything else she feels like sharing!

This Life And Me

Rachel’s blog is a BEAUTIFUL combination of pregnancy posts, lifestyle issues, fitness and so much more! Her blog is full of amazing content which I thoroughly recommend you get lost in, and it looks so pretty too!

Nourish ME

Steph is an absolute GEM within the blogging community, and always so lovely to see in my feed! Her posts range from food and recipes, to lifestyle posts, mental health, beauty, and so much more! There’s something for everyone!

Sweet Allure

MY GURL. Tarnya’s blog is addictive, I swear. I challenge you to not visit it, and love it! She writes about her life, things she loves, TV, movies, games, creativity and SO much more! She has a knack for saying exactly what I’m thinking too!

Not Copper Amour

Emma’s blog is a wonderful combination of photography posts, blogging tips, lifestyle posts, fitness and little snippets of her personal life. Her imagery and layout are absolutely stunning, and her content is something I think so many of you will love!


Sarah’s blog is the perfect pit stop for all beauty lovers, and anyone after full, in depth and honest product reviews! She dabbles in a little of everything, and you can guarantee she’ll find the best bargains around for you!


Who have you guys been reading this month!? 🙂




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