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Winter Skincare Favourites

17th December 2017


At this time of year, Winter skincare is more important than ever. As well as your usual routine of keeping your skin clean, clear and soft; you have to ensure you’re protecting it against the harsh weather and staying hydrated too.

I absolutely LOVE skincare, and having a collection that I know works for me is so important. I think taking care of my skin is especially important to me because I do already feel quite lucky with mine, and so I want to look after it. I take after my Mum with my skin; meaning I’ve never really had any breakouts, let alone acne or anything else troublesome. It’s low maintenance, and I do feel quite proud of my skin, in a weird way. Is that weird to say?? Anyway..

I thought I’d share my absolute FAVE products that I’m using at the moment, in case anyone wondered what my recommendations are. Some are old faves you will have seen before, so you know I truly love them. And one or two are new faves that have been added into my routine.

Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

I first tried Lush Ocean Salt a few years ago, and oh my word I haven’t looked back. In fact Gary and I both regularly buy this, and both swear by it. He loves it for clearing his pores, and I love it for also giving my skin a radiance and ‘freshness’ I couldn’t live without. It’s cheap, well made, and an all year round favourite of mine.


Superdrug We Love Face Masks

If you follow my Instagram you may have seen me show these arriving at my door last month, and I’ve been trying them ever since. I looove them! I love the pot packaging, it’s so easy to use, apply, and store away for next time. My favourite is probably the Kale face mask; as it smells so yummy and feels the most nourishing to me. I keep this on for about 20 minutes, every few nights, and then wash off with a warm flannel. I’m left with skin that feels supple, soft and loved. It’s especially great in the Winter when I feel like I need something extra on top of my normal moisturiser. 


Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Moisture Cream

Yep, this fave again. I’m sure loads of you already know how much I love this product. I’ve wrote about it many times now, and the love affair is still going strong. I use this without fail every morning and evening, and I often find myself stroking my skin afterward, seriously! That’s how soft and smooth it leaves me feeling. It’s also cruelty free and vegan, woo!


Bilou Cotton Candy Gentle Cream Foam

This is a newbie for me, but one I know I’ll be buying again and again from Superdrug! As well as looking absolutely adorable, it’s seriously a fantastic product. The foam bursts out and makes it super easy to spread across your legs and bod, and within seconds it’s disappeared again. I love it! No greasy residue, no struggle to spread it all over, and I’m left with super smooth and hydrated skin – yay! Definitely one I’d recommend to anyone. And those scents are unique as heck!


Let me know if you have any favourites you’re loving at the mo! 🙂





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