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December Round Up

1st January 2019

It’s been the busiest, most life changing month of my life and I am honestly quite happy to see the back of December. It’s been wonderful (apart from a scary hospital stay when River got a virus), but I just feel like I haven’t had a moment to myself and it’s been quite hard really. In fact if you want to read more, I published a post about my first month of being a Mum

There has been many wonderful, lovely moments this month though; mostly all baby related as you can imagine. Seeing my little raindrop thrive, watching him do those big, gummy smiles, seeing how brilliant Gary is as a Dad. 

We might not have ended up having a great Christmas due to being in hospital, but we did have plenty of nice, festive moments throughout December that I’m grateful for. Dressing River up in Christmas outfits, having a big Christmas dinner with Gary’s family, getting to treat each other to some little gifts, and stuffing ourselves with chocolate.


Another lovely thing about December was that I started to feel like I could wear cute outfits again, now that my body is adjusting after pregnancy. I mean, I haven’t had a spare moment and I’m usually running around covered in spit up milk, in my pjs, with no makeup on. But the thought is there! Clothes I forgot about, and can now wear again, are there as options, and it feels good to rummage through them again. You never know, one day soon I might even have a chance to dress myself properly, get out, and get some photos. Miracles do happen.


I’ve had two wonderful advertisers this month; and I SO hope you guys will go support them.

First up, Lojo Vs The World.

Laura’s blog is really down to earth, super fun and shares her life and all she gets up to! I love catching up with her posts; whether it be what restaurants shes been visiting, family life, snaps of her travels or her adventures! She shares it all on her blog and keeps me entertained all the time. She’s also a really lovely, supportive soul and I honestly think you guys would LOVE her!


Secondly is the awesome Dena Jayne.

Dena is such a supportive and lovely soul, I’ve followed her for years now and she’s always such a babe! Whether she’s writing blog posts about her favourite products or sharing the most beautiful photographs on her Instagram; she’s one to follow! Her content is always amazing quality and she keeps it real, so go give her a visit!


I had only one goal for December… Get through it! And I did it quite well I reckon. My aim for January is to get into a routine that works for us; looking after River and also making myself a priority too. Fingers crossed!

I’m really happy and we’re doing well, but I’m so ready for a new month, a new year, and a fresh start for 2019!


Let me know how your December went, and if you have any goals for the new year? 🙂






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