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10 Happy Things

2nd May 2019

I don’t want to jinx it, but things are going really well right now. I’ve found myself having lots more good days than bad, and I wake with a bit more pep in my step these days. The first few months of motherhood were hard – okay, no, they still are! – but it’s getting easier. And I’ve had so much to smile about lately, it’s lovely.

So I wanted to share with you guys ten happy things lately, and I’d love if you shared your own happy moments this week too!


1. A better schedule

As you may have read in my May Goals post; I’ve started prioritising more me time with a new schedule, and I aim to make it a constant thing. It feels bloody WONDERFUL already, and this week has been the best one in ages if I’m honest. Huge shout out to Gary who has opted to take over River duties every moment he’s home from work, not giving himself a minute to relax. He’s prioritised me; letting me relax, get naps in, work on designs if I wish, paint, etc. I don’t want this to be constant thing (I also want us to have quality time alone, and as a family of course!), but it’s been really needed this week and it’s helped rejuvenate me so much. 

2. Home decor

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen that we’re working on our home decor at the moment. We don’t have the time or money to go crazy and do everything all at once, but little steps are getting us there! It’s making me so happy planning how we want each room to look, and this is the first time in my life I’ve really felt like a place is MINE. It feels good to work on our home together.

3. Finances

I’m being so much more responsible with my money, and I can’t tell you how good it feels. If I can recommend anything to help any finance anxieties you may have (as boring as it sounds!); it would be to make a full plan. Calculate all your ingoings and outgoings and see where you can improve each month. Paying off any debt feels amazing, and putting money away into savings is bloody wonderful. It’s not something everyone is able to do, so I very much count it as a luxury, that I’m only just now at 31 years old able to do. It’s tiny amounts, but it makes me feel good!

4. Things to look forward to

Because of my finances being in better shape than they were last year; it means we now have small chances to treat ourselves a little. Again, nothing big at all, but things to make me smile. I’ve just booked Gary and I tickets to see Jeffrey Lewis in June (an American folk/indie singer songwriter that we both love!) as a treat for our 8 year anniversary next week. We also have a wedding to look forward to next month, and seeing family and friends in Liverpool. I’m excited!

5. Seeing River grow

It’s the sort of thing people say to you before you have kids, but you never quite ‘get it’ until it happens to you. Seeing your baby grow and develop and change is absolutely magical. Most days I just stare at River in total awe, I can’t believe how quickly he changes. It’s wonderful. The latest changes are seeing him eating food (just very small mouthfuls each day, but our weaning journey has begun!), and seeing him very NEARLY crawling. I swear it’s gonna be any day now haha!

6. Creative bursts

My imagination is on fire lately – yay! – and I’m trying to make the most of it in any way I can. I’ve been painting, making collages, writing, drawing up illustrations, and planning all my future products for when my shop re-opens. I’m also thinking of starting a new art journal from scratch, as a challenge to fill a page in it each day, and share on my Instagram. What do you guys think?

7. Reading

Gone are the days when I would read a book in a day or two and be moving onto the next one before you can say boo. With a business to plan, a baby to look after, and trying to feed, clothe, and bath myself(!); reading is now a slow game for me. But I’m still very much a bookworm! I’ve been finding time to read most days, even if it’s simply a page or two. I love getting lost in a fictional world for a little while, and I’m hoping I can finish at least one book a month all year. I know that’s REALLY slow for so many people, but I really do find myself struggling for time, haha!

8. Encouragement

You lot are good eggs, you know that? Every time I worry that my shop will re-open and be a huge failure; one of you messages me to tell me how excited you are for all my new products. Or someone shares a piece of my Artwork on their Instagram. Or someone commissions a painting from me! Every single time my own self doubt starts to creep in, someone reminds me I have amazing support, and it feels so good. I truly appreciate it and I can’t tell you how much it means!

9. Happy mail

I’ve had some right good snail mail lately. Gifts in the post from pals, clothes for River, treats for me, and a few special brand collabs too! It’s makes such a lovely change from getting bills through the door, or the usual junk mail. Woo!

10. Blogging!

That’s right, blogging has made me happy lately. I’ve totally fallen in love with blogging again. Not that I ever fell out of love per say… but the flames have been reignited shall we say? I don’t pressure myself with schedules, and I know I don’t create jaw dropping aspirational content; but I love just settling down with a cuppa and pouring my heart out. My favourite blogs are the low key, chatty ones, so that’s what I tend to stick to for my own. I hope you guys like it as much as I do!


What’s been making you smile lately? 🙂





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