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29 Favourite Moments This Year

16th April 2017

Happy Birthday to me! Yes, today I head into my final year as a twenty-something (noooo!). As much as that terrifies me, I’m pretty happy because I LOVE birthdays. If you haven’t seen me counting down on Twitter to today, well, I have been. Also I like to have a ‘birthday week’, because one day just doesn’t seem long enough ūüėČ Also, isn’t this birthday card AMAZING???! The lovely El sent me it because she knows how much I adore MGG!

I thought today I would share 29 lovely moments from the past year, no matter how big or small. Things that simply made me smile, and added up to another year gone by. Let’s hope next year’s is even better!


1. Getting engaged in September.

2. Getting another little kitty; Pixi!

3. Deciding to move to Plymouth.

4. A fun day trip with best friends.

5. Seeling my first full canvas acrylic painting on Etsy.

6. Superdrug sending me cute gifts when I mentioned on Twitter I was really down.

7. My best friends throwing me a little surprise party.

8. My blog friends all catching up with me before we move.

9. Getting tickets to Reading festival to see Eminem again!

10. Having the cutest Halloween with Gary, lots of scary movies, and cute decorations.

11. Deciding to finally try rainbow hair.

12. Binge watching the whole of the original Gilmore Girls with Gary, and then the revival episodes.

13. Visiting London to go to the Makeup Rev party and meeting loads of awesome bloggers.

14. Raising over £300 for Planned Parenthood!

15. Creating my perfect work space.

16. My mum getting me a ukulele for Christmas.

17. Creating the most beautiful photo album for me and Gary.

18. Recording the funniest podcast episodes ever with Gary.

19. Hanging with Holly.

20. Getting to meet Holly/Jade/Jess/Lauren & others at girl gang event!

21. Getting sent some Urban Decay and Kat Von D goodies.

22. Meeting¬†Amanda Bell at a Pixi Beauty event (she’s so lovely!!).

23. Gary getting me my Instax camera.

24. Hitting 16,17,18, AND 19K on Twitter. WOW.

25. Being nominated for the UK blog awards Best Lifestyle Blog, EEP.

26. Discovering the best Italian food in Liverpool, nom.

27. Finally branching out to create my own notebooks on Etsy.

28. Going the Tate with Gary and having a giggle.

29. Having an idea for an awesome new project (coming soon!)


I wonder what the next year will be like…?



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